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Social Determinants of Health

Investigating inequalities, research gaps and best practice

Starts on27/01/2014
Ends on29/01/2014

Addressing the social determinants of health is the key to tackling the unfair health inequalities in the UK. Reforms in the Health and Social Care Act emphasised the need for an integrated approach to improving healthcare. This conference will examine the progress on integrated approaches to health, take stock of health inequalities in the UK, give an honest examination of the research gaps, and foster cross-sector collaborations.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England, will be giving the keynote address at this forum, which is intended to build networks among academic researchers, national-level public health bodies, and public health officials within local government.

The Chief Medical Officer’s first annual report, published in November 2012, will form the outline for discussions on how to integrate social conditions into the delivery of health outcomes.


  • Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England
  • Councillor Sir Merrick Cockell, Chairman, Local Government Association
  • Dr Ann Marie Connolly, Director of Health Equity and Impact, Public Health England
  • Professor Michael Depledge, University of Exeter
  • Professor Anne Ellaway, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Tom Fowler, Locum Consultant Epidemiologist, Public Health England
  • Professor Peter Goldblatt, Deputy Director UCL Institute of Health Equity
  • Dr Ann Hagell, Research Lead, Association for Young Peoples Health
  • Professor Yvonne Kelly, Lifecourse Epidemiology, University College London
  • Sir Jonathan Michael, FRCP, Chief Executive, Oxford University Hospitals, NHS Trust
  • Emma Rigby, Chief Executive, Association for Young Peoples Health
  • Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive, Public Health England
  • Professor Tom Kirkwood, Associate Dean for Ageing, Newcastle University
  • Julia Unwin, Chief Executive, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Debbie Abrahams MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth
  • Lawrence Ashelford, Director of Strategy, Policy and Planning, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Jeanelle de Gruchy, Vice President, Association of Directors of Public Health


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