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Purpose and Mission

Cumberland Lodge provides opportunities for the exchange of views and beliefs through our programme of conferences, retreats, seminars and public conversations.

Founding of St Katharine's

Whether attending events developed by our own academic team, or as guests of visiting groups, people come to Cumberland Lodge to talk. Their conversations lead, we hope, to action. Conferences, seminars and retreats at the Lodge are intended to have practical outcomes.

Cumberland Lodge has been granted a Royal Warrant carry out this work. We arrange about ten conferences a year on social issues, moral questions, and matters of ethical and spiritual interest. Often, but by no means exclusively, the focus is upon young people. Cumberland Lodge Conferences have an international outlook. In particular they promote both the Commonwealth and an understanding of European affairs.

For more information on Cumberland Lodge Conferences, see forthcoming programme and reports of our previous events.

In addition Cumberland Lodge continues the work for which it was primarily set up, providing opportunities for students, and those entrusted with their education, to reflect on how their academic study may lead to the betterment of society.

The Lodge also hosts meetings convened here by professional organisations, especially those such as the Inns of Court and the National Health Service. Professional groups convene at Cumberland Lodge for training purposes, or simply to plan privately and away from the office. The Lodge is available to appropriate societies, public interest groups, non-government and government organisations, charities and other groups whose objectives are sympathetic to the purposes and ethos of the Foundation.

Mission Statement

Inspired by the beauty and history of its surroundings, Cumberland Lodge is dedicated to the discussion of ethical, spiritual and topical issues in contemporary society. Preparing young people for their future responsibilities is at the heart of its work, but the Lodge seeks through the enquiring nature of its programmes and the quality of its hospitality to enhance the well-being of people whatever their age or wherever they live.


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