Anne is a Paralympian wheelchair racer and a Tough Mudder conqueror who demonstrate that it's possible to break down barriers. She is a NED on UK Athletics and continues to encourage for an accessible and inclusive society. She holds a BEd degree and travels both at national and international level to advocate for inclusion in education, fashion, media, sport, and integration of disabled people into communities.

Anne does a lot of lobbying and advocacy with various groups and organisations to further the interests of disabled people in the UK and developing nations: She has worked with a number organisations to encourage support for disabled and disadvantaged people in the UK and overseas.  

As the first Goodwill Ambassador for Action on Disability and Development, she successfully supported in the campaigning for nations to ratify the UN Convention on the "Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities".  

Anne's a powerful public speaking creates change. She has the ability to motivate and inspire action by sharing her own experience of disability and knowledge of the challenges faced by others. 

You can find out more about Anne Wafula Strike here.