Azzees is listed as a guest speaker for one of our discussions but she does not work at Cumberland Lodge. We cannot share her contact details and it is not always possible for us to pass on contact enquiries to past speakers.

Azzees is the Director, Facilitator and Chief Operating Officer for 2-3 Degrees. The award-winning social enterprise is committed to inspiring and empowering young people to fulfil their potential through engaging confidence building and employability: talks, workshops and programmes.

Azzees is an experienced speaker and has been featured on ITV, BBC Channel 4, Sky News including providing quotes for print and digital media including radio and podcast, mainly speaking on issues related to politics, young people, social and racial equalities.

 Azzees is trustee of the Warwick SU in August 2020 and provides strategic and campaigning support to the board. Politically, she is a prominent member of the Green Party and is the Chairperson of the national Greens of Colour group, where they seek to bring about social and racial justice, equality and planet repairs. During her leadership of the group the membership has increased well over 100%, they have made national news by getting motions passed in councils across the country to address to support a holistic way of addressing Transoceanic trafficking and enslavement of Afrikans Reparations, including helping set up an All Party Parliamentary Group to further discuss this. Azzees has stood as a local council candidate and General Election Candidate in 2015 and 2018.

Azzees created a video with ITV Fixers; What Matters to Me about youth political participation, which was featured on BBC Radio London and the Voice newspaper

Azzees was a Political Advisor and Researcher to senior elected politicians in the London Assembly for over three years covering housing, policing and the economy portfolio for London. She co-authored two of the most influential reports that changed the narrative about youth services in London and which has been widely referenced on mainstream media across the country; London’s Lost Youth Services.

She also encourages female empowerment and co-leads a Character Building group that helps 30 black female professionals group coach each other.