Bill Knight spoke at one of the discussions we convened but has no formal association with Cumberland Lodge. We do not pass on the contact details of past speakers and cannot always forward contact enquiries. 

Bill Knight OBE is a London-based portrait and theatre photographer. He has twice exhibitied his works at Cumberland Lodge and he was also guest speaker at one of our Cumberland Conversation events in 2015.

His earlier exhibition, ‘The Refugee’s Gift’, was shown at the St Martin-in-the-Fields gallery in London’s Trafalgar Square and other locations including St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, in 2016.

One of the images from that exhibition is now in the National Portrait Gallery collection.

The ’Vanessa and Vivian’ image from his second exhibition, 'Where I Come From', was a prize-winner in the 2016 'Portrait of Britain' competition and has been displayed at railways stations and shopping centres across the UK.

Find out more about Bill's photography here