Christine Counsell taught history in England’s state secondary schools, before becoming Gloucestershire’s local authority adviser for history in primary and secondary schools. Appointed Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge in 1997, her initial teacher-training programme became renowned for its unusual community of school-based history mentors who read the same historical scholarship and history education research as their trainees, thus enabling them to take increasing responsibility for the academic content of the course.  In 2006, Christine was awarded the University’s Pilkington Prize for outstanding teaching, and in 2015 the Cambridge University Students Union’s ‘student-led’ award for outstanding lecturing. Working nationally and internationally on curriculum policy and teacher education, Christine has supported teachers, scholars and policy-makers in America, Australia, Europe, Singapore and the Middle East, specialising in the teaching of history in post-conflict zones, especially Cyprus and Lebanon. In England, Christine has advised successive governments on the teaching of history and Ofsted on curriculum leadership and teacher training. Editor of the journal Teaching History, Christine has also published widely, including academic works, numerous textbooks and practical guides. In 2016, Christine was appointed Director of Education at the Inspiration Trust, a Multi-Academy Trust of 14 schools serving socially disadvantaged areas in East Anglia. There she led a team in resourcing a Trust-wide ‘knowledge-rich’ curriculum for its primary schools, set up collaborative curriculum design processes for the Trust’s new secondary curriculum in 12 subjects and founded a large, school-centred, initial teacher-training programme.  Since January 2019, Christine has worked as an independent education consultant.