Coral is listed as a guest speaker for one of our discussions but she does not work at Cumberland Lodge. We cannot share her contact details and it is not always possible for us to pass on contact enquiries to past speakers.

Coral Dando is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Westminster, a Consultant Forensic Psychologist, Chartered Scientist and Chartered Psychologist. Her primary research interests are centered on applying contemporary theories of long-term memory to understand cognition in goal-directed interview settings.

Coral’s PhD (awarded in 2008) concerned understanding how the Cognitive Interview was applied by police officers, and then modifying elements of the procedure to improve application, including developing the Sketch Reinstatement of Context Technique.

Prior to completing her PhD Coral was a Police Officer, completing approaching 10-years service with the Metropolitan police. Coral has published over 35 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and book chapters on the Cognitive Interview, detecting deception, and investigative decision-making.

Her research has attracted over 2.5 million pounds of national and international funding, including funding from the US Dept of Homeland Security, the International Criminal Court, The Hague, and most recently the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).