Dr Brendan Burchell is Professor of the Social Sciences in the Department of Sociology and a professorial fellow and director of studies at Magdalene College, University of Cambridge.

He was a director of graduate education in sociology 2014 to 2019 and head of the department of sociology from 2012 to 2014. He was also the director of the Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Methods Centre (CUQM) between 2014 and 2018. 

Brendan's research has concentrated mainly on the effects of labour market experiences (e.g. job insecurity, work intensification, zero hours contracts, working hours, unemployment, job quality, etc) on social and psychological well-being.

He is also interested in self-employment in developed and developing countries, the quality of police jobs and the future of work, post robotics and machine learning. He is a recognised expert on gender and employment within the EU, and works with many international organisations.