Director, Regional Agency for Civic Education, Saxony

Roland Loeffler studied protestant theology at the universities of Tuebingen, Berlin and Cambridge. He received his PhD from the University of Marburg. Roland worked as a freelance journalist, trained to be a pastor in the Protestant Church, and was a guest professor at the University of Montreal. In 2007, he joined the Herbert Quandt Foundation. Roland then worked as the CEO of the Foundation Westphalia Initiative, before becoming Director of the Regional Agency for Civic Education in Saxony, Germany, in 2017.

Roland’s interests and expertise include migration, intercultural education, civic society, demographic change, and life in rural areas. The focus of his recent work has been on the development of civic engagement and political cultural in East Germany. Roland has advised charities supporting Arab Christians, and has a keen interest in German-Polish and German-Northern Europe relations. Roland is married and has two young children. He enjoys sport, wine, theatre, classical music and jazz.