Kemal Pervanić is a human rights activist, a former refugee from Bosnia & Herzegovina and a survivor of the Omarska concentration camp in Prijedor. After his release from the camp he was given temporary refugee status in the UK (he is now a British citizen). 

Kemal is the author of The Killing Days and is the subject and producer of the documentary film Pretty Village. As a committed human rights activist, he has used his experiences to help improve the lives of current and future generations.

In 2006, he founded ‘Most Mira’ (Bridge of Peace) and the organisation has, in the last 12 years, worked tirelessly on building peace in local communities through art festivals and other art programs involving students, young people, schools from the Prijedor region of Bosnia, as well as volunteers from around the world.

Kemal has been involved in human rights for over two decades, participating as key-note speaker for a number of conferences addressing issues such as reconciliation, genocide, peace-building, memorialisation, and forgiveness. He regularly gives talks at schools, universities, prisons, and community centres, and has been invited to speak on TV and radio programs (BBC, ITN, Channel 4, CNN, ABC, etc.).

Kemal holds a BSc in Management Studies from Royal Holloway, University of London, and an MA in Conflict Resolution from Bradford University. He was also a 2012 Human Rights Advocate for Columbia University.