Matthew is listed as a guest speaker for one of our discussions but he does not work at Cumberland Lodge. We cannot share his contact details and it is not always possible for us to pass on contact enquiries to past speakers.

Matthew Scott is a barrister still just about practising in criminal law at Pump Court Chambers: a large ‘common law’ set with branches in London, Winchester and Swindon.  His  unspectacular practice involves defending a mixture of people down on their luck, career criminals, the genuinely nasty and the wrongly accused.  Matthew  always finds it difficult to know which category a particular client fits into, but fortunately it’s not his  job to decide. He devotes some time trying to reverse convictions on appeal, with rather mixed results.

Matthew writes about legal issues generally, and criminal law issues in particular, both on his own blog (, and for various publications including The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, Quillette and The Guardian.

He blogged extensively about Operation Midland and watched with incredulity as the police announced at an early stage of their investigation that Carl Beech’s extraordinary lies were ‘credible and true’, a perfect illustration of what can go wrong when police practice is influenced by the instruction to start from the premise that a ‘victim’ must be believed.  It is not for the police always to ‘believe the victim’ anymore than it is for Matthew to  always to believe his  clients. Nor should it be the job of government to increase the conviction rate either for criminal offences in general, or for particular offences.