Geoffrey Evans is Official Fellow in Politics, Nuffield College & Professor in the Sociology of Politics at the University of Oxford. Originally a psychologist, his research interests have since included the changing nature of social divisions and political representation, and the relationship between voters' perceptions, values and political choices.

He has directed numerous large-scale research projects in Western and Eastern Europe, including several Northern Ireland election studies, the British Election Study and the 2016 EU Referendum Study. He has published over 150 academic journal articles and book chapters, and six books. 

Geoffrey's career-long involvement in the study of social class derives from his background in Stoke-on-Trent, where he left school at 15 to work in the then famous pottery industry, before going to university in his mid-20s. He still remains a Stoke City season ticket holder. His most recent books are The New Politics of Class: The Political Exclusion of the British Working Class (with James Tilley, 2017) and Brexit and British Politics (with Anand Menon, 2017).