President, Royal Historical Society

Margot Finn is Professor of Modern British History at UCL and President of the Royal Historical Society.  Her current research explores the difficult histories of British imperialism in South Asia in the era of the East India Company.  Publications on this topic include the open access volume of essays she co-edited with Kate Smith, The East India Company at Home 1757-1857 (UCL Press 2018: .  As President of the Royal Historical Society, she initiated and was a working group member of a project team that produced the Society’s 2018 report, Race, Ethnicity & Equality in UK History: A Report and Resource for Change ( ).  The report underlines the failing of UK History as a discipline with respect to diversity and inclusion from schools through to university postgraduate study and staffing, and offers proactive suggestions for addressing these failings.  The Society is continuing its research and writing on this theme, with the aim of producing a second report in 2020.