Sue spoke at one of the discussions we convened, and has no formal association with Cumberland Lodge. We do not pass on the contact details of past speakers and cannot always forward contact enquiries.

Sue Carpenter is Director of Tideturner Films, with the mission of making independent documentaries, particularly those that instigate social change and turn the tide on injustices against women.

Many films that Sue has made have achieved international acclaim, including her first feature-length film I Am Belmaya, which, before its general release, has been selected for ten international festivals, and shortlisted for a One World Media award.

Sue is a founder trustee of GlobalGirl Media UK, a charity that trains girls in digital media skills to change the male-dominated narrative in the media. She is also a founder (and now former trustee) of Asha Nepal, a British charity fighting for exploited women and girls in Nepal.

As a journalist, Sue has written for many UK national publications such as You magazine, Harper's Bazaar, the Daily Telegraph, theTimes, Daily Mail and the Guardian. She has also written multiple books and contributed content to a variety of websites.