Cumberland Lodge has launched a new round of applications for the annual Cumberland Colloquia scheme, seeking doctoral students and early career researchers to host an academic conference on a topic relating to identities or belonging, in autumn 2018.

Every year we offer a committee of successful applicants the chance to develop an inter-disciplinary conference at Cumberland Lodge from scratch, with guidance and mentoring from our Events Programme and Education team.

Previous topics have ranged from from the challenges posed by advances in biotechnology to the corporate responsibility to protect human rights, whether the car has an ethical and sustainable future, how discourses of religious otherness can be challenged to build a more inclusive society, and how we can build more cohesive societies.

This year we will particularly welcome applications on inter-disciplinary topics relating to identities and belonging. 

Groups applying to take part can either be from the same institution or multiple institutions in the UK.

'New conversations'

The experience of developing and running a Cumberland Lodge Colloquium is held in high regard by former participants.  

The chair of our September 2016 Colloquium committee, Dr Simon Beard from the Univeristy of Cambridge, said: 'The involvement and support of Cumberland Lodge has greatly helped me in starting new conversations across disciplinary boundaries and to attract interesting people to this event.  

'This has built up my list of contacts with people in different fields, greatly improving my ability to collaborate on innovative research. The prestige of this event has also been wonderful to have on my CV.'

Claire Cody, a Research Fellow at the University of Bedfordshire, chaired out September 2015 committee. She said: 'Cumberland Lodge provided us with the opportunity and a neutral, safe space to bring together a diverse range of professionals. We received helpful advice and support, and some funding from the Council of Europe, which allowed a number of representatives from Europe to attend... [It] inspired me to seek further funding to establish a European network of professionals interested in the ethical engagement of children and young people affected by sexual violence in research... and the experience of organising the colloquium will be a big help in taking that new work forward.'

Further information

Find out more about the Cumberland Colloquia scheme, or apply to form the committee for our autumn 2018 event, here. The deadline for group applications to run the 2018 conference is Friday 27 October 2017.

For more information, please contact our Education Officer, Dr Rachel Smillie, at