Cumberland Lodge has published its latest Impact Report, highlighting the scope and impact of its work on individuals and wider society, from September 2017 to August 2018.

The report features a foreword by Sir Stephen Wall, an introduction from our Chief Executive, Canon Dr Edmund Newell, and highlights from 2017-18, including our 'Freedom' conference series, four 70th anniversary seminars, and our dedicated educational programmes for students and young people.

In 2017-18, we welcomed 4,400 student visitors and provided subsidised places for 3,605 students to attend study retreats. A further 1,043 people, of all ages, backgrounds and perspectives, took part in our Programme, and 77 universities and school were represented in our work with students and young people.

'Common ground'

Reflecting on ten years as Chair of Trustees, Sir Stephen writes: 'The property itself, the Great Park, the committed and perceptive patronage of Her Majesty The Queen, the quality and dedication of the staff: all these things have changed very little...But... what we are is what we do. And that is where we, as a registered charity, have changed.'

He continues: 'Our conference programme is now firmly focused on addressing the root causes and effects of social divisions. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the staff, as well as the environment of the Lodge itself, people from widely different backgrounds, and with widely differing views, find common ground here, both on the issues they discuss and at a personal level.'

The report includes feedback from participants, case-studies of lives and careers enhanced by involvement in our work, and examples of our wider influence on policymakers and practitioners.

It also highlights the generosity of the partners, supporters and contributors who helped us to fulfil our charitable mission in 2017-18.

In Ed Newell's introduction, he explains how we have 'worked hard, not only to address some of the most pressing issues facing society, but to articulate our core purpose and learning outputs with greater volume and clarity'. He outlines some of our new approaches to fulfilling our charitable mission, and explains how we have reviewed our governance structures and welcomed new faces to our team here at Cumberland Lodge.

New Chair

Ed also extends his grateful thanks to Sir Stephen, who stepped down as our Chair of Trustees in January 2019, after ten years in post, to be succeeded by The Rt Hon the Baroness Prashar of Runnymede.

He writes: 'On behalf of so many people associated with Cumberland Lodge, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stephen for all that he has done for our unique institution. Through a judicious balance of challenge, support and wise counsel, he has been instrumental in guiding our development as an organisation over the past decade. He has also been a highly effective ambassador, opening the door for many significant connections and opportunities. 

'Stephen will be greatly missed, but we very much hope that his association with Cumberland Lodge will continue, long into the future. In passing the baton, I also greatly look forward to working with Usha, whose key role in public life and long association with Cumberland Lodge will be invaluable as we seek to develop our work and reach out to more people.'

Read and download

The Impact Report 2017-18 can be read on screen or downloaded in compressed pdf format here.