In spring 2020, Cumberland Lodge will launch a new, annual Media & Public Culture Forum for the UK, examining the roles and responsibilities of the British media and innovative forms of public culture around major social transformations and ethical challenges facing society.

Once a year, we will convene leaders and practitioners from the media and public culture, alongside students and academics working in relevant fields, and civil society representatives - for three days of open dialogue at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park.

The Forum will focus on a specific aspect of social change each year, to help facilitate an open exchange of views and sharing of ideas and best practice across sectors.

Inaugural event

On 3-5 July 2020, the inaugural Media & Public Forum explores Religion & The Media: Opportunities, Inclusions, Exclusions, in partnership with the Religion Media Centre and the Centre for Theology and Public Issues at the University of Edinburgh.

Our programme focuses on how reporters and media influencers can promote social cohesion amidst rapid transformations in the faith and belief landscape of the UK, and changing discourses on religiosity and secularism.

Key themes of discussion will include:

  • New formats and creative avenues for engaging people of all ages with religious pluralism and shaping national debates around religion and non-religious worldviews
  • The role of religious and non-religious voices in a fractured, yet shared, media landscape
  • How to balance the importance of religious literacy and cultural sensitivity, with the need for critical reporting and challenging questions, in media coverage.

Candid conversations

Conversations will be held under the Chatham House Rule, to encourage open dialogue and debate. However, we do ask guest speakers to waive this rule for their presentations, where possible, to allow us to share them with a wider public audience.