This month we are launching a new series of interdisciplinary conferences, seminars, retreats and other educational activities for 2017/18, on the theme of ‘Freedom’ and its place in peaceful, open and inclusive societies. 

In 2016/17 we worked on a number of key themes relating to freedom, including the right to freedom of religion or belief, the scourge of modern slavery, and the threat of contemporary extremism.

Each of these themes will be further explored in 2017/18, along with pressing issues such as freedom from hate crime, LGBTQI+ rights and freedom of expression, through a diverse programme of inter-disciplinary conferences, seminars, lectures and outreach activities.

Dr Owen Gower, Programme Director at Cumberland Lodge, said, 'Our founder, Amy Buller, sought to protect the freedom of individuals to express and share their views in safety, after her experiences of talking to people in Germany in the 1930s about the impacts of Nazism. 

'Since then, freedom has been a recurrent theme throughout our institutional history, so it's fitting that we've launched our ‘Freedom’ series during our 70th anniversary year.' 


The first event in the series will be a seminar for police leaders, parliamentarians and other policing stakeholders, taking place at the House of Commons on Monday 30 October, on the pressing issue of tackling modern slavery. 

This will be closely followed by 'A Generation without Hate' on 2-3 November, which will effective explore ways to combat prejudice-related hate crime in educational settings, through a two-day residential, round-table conference.

Other key events in the series include a round-table event on 'Sexuality and Freedom: LGBTQI+ Rights in the Commonwealth' in February 2018, a reflective retreat on 'Freedom in Captivity' with former hostage Terry Waite in March 2018, and our annual Police Conference on 'Freedom Restrained? Public Protection, Fear and Policing' to be held at the Lodge in April 2018.

We will also be launching a new series of Emerging International Leaders retreats on Freedom of Religion or Belief later this year, with up to 50 participants drawn from the Chevening and Commonwealth Scholarship schemes, with support from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Full details

Further details of the events and activities that will make up the series can be found here, including a downloadable brochure.

Social media

News and updates about the series will be shared on social media using the hashtag #CLfreedom.