Earlier today, our Education Officer, Dr Rachel Smillie, and Programme Director, Dr Owen Gower, led a full-day extra-curricula event for 140 Year 11 students at The Langley Academy in Slough, on 'Bigger Picture Thinking'.

The aim of the event was to encourage the students to think about how their school subjects relate to the wider social context, and to look at the inter-relationships between academic disciplines and their practical relevance.

The programme included presentations and interactive workshops, and students engaged in group discussions and prepared presentations on why their subject areas matter.

It was part of an induction day for the sixth-form at The Langley Academy, which was attended by students from the Academy itself, as well as other local schools.

The student presentations ranged from explorations of the social impacts of artificial intelligence or the universal language of mathematics, to the role of language skills in breaking down cultural barriers, the role of pscyhology in helping us to understand group dynamics and bias, and the role of the arts in informing social and political commentary.

Rachel and Owen were supported by two of our PhD Fellows, Harriet Hoffler, who is completing a PhD in international human rights and the right to freedom of religion or belief at the University of Bristol, and Nick Thompson, who is studying for a PhD on the relationship between empathy and emotion regulation at the University of Reading.