Planning for this year’s Cumberland Colloquium began in earnest when members of the 2018 committee met at the Lodge in January to discuss their plans for the two-day October conference.

Staff from our Education team will be mentoring the committee through the process of organising a conference which, this year, will look at the rise of ‘post-truth’ politics.  ‘Post-truth’ was the Oxford English Dictionary’s ‘word of the year’ in 2016, and relates to circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.

The committee’s event will bring together researchers and practitioners from the fields of philosophy, media and broadcasting and political science to explore the challenges posed by the rise in ‘post-truth’ politics to one’s identity, and sense of belonging.

The newly selected committee comprises 

  • Laura Garcia, Lecturer in Television and Multimedia Journalism and PhD candidate, University of Kent
  • Guillermo Reyes Pascual, PhD candidate in Comparative Politics, University of Kent
  • Chris Henry, PhD candidate in Politics and Government, University of Kent
  • Hannah Richter, PhD candidate in Comparative Politics, University of Hertfordshire
  • Tom Watts, PhD candidate in International Relations, University of Kent

Members of the 2018 committee (l-r): Laura Garcia, Tom Watts, Hannah Richter, Chris Henry, Guillermo Reyes Pascual

Every year, Cumberland Lodge offers PhD students and early career researchers a platform to shape ethical and social debate through the Colloquia scheme. They have the chance to develop an academic conference from scratch.

The scheme is now entering its sixth year and it has so far supported ten colloquia. Topics have ranged from the challenges posed by advances in biotechnology, to the corporate responsibility to protect human rights, whether or not the car has an ethical and sustainable future, and how discourses of religious otherness can be challenged to build a more inclusive society.  2017’s colloquium was on ‘Social Cohesion in Times of Uncertainty’.

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