Children from Year 4 at the Royal School in Windsor Great Park joined children’s literature specialist, Dr Ann Alston from the University of West of England, for a BFG-themed workshop at Cumberland Lodge today.

The pupils spent an hour exploring how Roald Dahl drew on his own experiences of childhood in his writing, and how stories can help to shape and express who we are.

We have developed the workshop in partnership with the University of West of England, to help children explore their own values and identities, and to think more critically about stories, identity and ideology, in a fun and engaging way.

The workshop is part of our Educational programme with school children and students.

‘Home of the BFG’

Cumberland Lodge, the educational foundation in the Great Park, has a surprising connection to the children’s story, The BFG.

That connection was revealed in 2016, when the University of Wales Press published new research showing that, when the Queen gives the BFG 'a special house with tremendous high ceilings and enormous doors' in Windsor Great Park at the end of the book, Dahl was in fact referring to Cumberland Lodge, which he had visited just a few years before The BFG was published.

You can find out more about the connection here.