Windsor Festival Literary Events: Tickets Now On Sale

We are delighted, once again, to be hosting a series of literary talks and a play here at Cumberland Lodge as part of Windsor Festival.

A Walk in the Park: The Life and Times of a People's Institution

Travis Elborough

Wednesday 21st September, 3pm

Parks are such a familiar part of everyday life. You might be forgiven for thinking they have always been there – and that they always will.

In fact, the roots of even the most humble neighbourhood park lie in age-old battles over land and liberty. From their medieval life as private royal hunting grounds to their modern incarnation as public spaces teeming with activity, theirs is a story of land-grabbing monarchs and Restoration fops, great Victorian industrialists, punks and model-boaters – and somewhere among it all, the common man trying to enjoy his single day of rest.

Travis Elborough is a freelance writer, author, broadcaster and cultural commentator, appearing on BBC Radio 4 and Five Live. 

Tickets available online ( or by phone (01753 743585)

The Long Weekend: Life in the English Country House 1918-1939

Adrian Tinniswood

Sunday 25th September, 7pm

There is nothing quite as beautiful as an English country house in summer.

But real life in the country house during the 1920s and 1930s was not always so sunny. Social and architectural historian Adrian Tinniswood has uncovered the truth about a world half-forgotten, draped in myth and hidden behind stiff upper lips and film-star smiles.

With anecdotes and narrative from hundreds of memoirs, unpublished letters, diaries, and the eye-witness testimonies of belted earls, unhappy heiresses and bullying butlers, this talk will bring the stately homes of England to life – and reveal that the reality was so much more interesting than the dream.

Tickets available online ( or by phone (01753 743585)

Love of Country: A Hebridean Journey

Madeleine Bunting

Tuesday 27th September, 3pm

Writer and former Associate Editor of The Guardian, Madeleine Bunting, has travelled through the Hebrides, delving deep into its history and culture.

One of the loveliest and most misunderstood places in the British Isles, for centuries they have attracted writers and artists, dreamers and explorers, saints and sinners all inspired by their isolation, beauty and remote dramatic wilderness.

In Love of Country Madeleine looks at how this chain of islands, on the fringes of Britain, helped shape our nation, and how the rest of the nation imposed their will on the islands and their inhabitants. A story of community, resistance and rich Gaelic traditions.

Tickets available online ( or by phone (01753 743585)

The Story of Beatrix Potter

Sarah Gristwood

Wednesday 28th September, 3pm

To this day Beatrix Potter’s tales delight children and grown-ups around the world. But few people realise how extraordinary her own story is.

Here was a woman of contradictions:

A sheltered Victorian daughter who grew into an astute modern businesswoman; a talented artist who became a scientific expert; a famous author who gave it all up to become a farmer and pioneering conservationist.

Spend an afternoon with Sarah Gristwood, best-selling biographer and commentator on royal and historical affairs, as she uncovers the many twists and turns of Beatrix Potter’s life.

Tickets available online ( or by phone (01753 743585)