Cumberland Lodge Scholar speaking at a conference at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park

At Cumberland Lodge we have a unique way of empowering people to tackle the causes and effects of social division.

We embrace 'difficult conversations' and work with people from all sectors, academic disciplines, generations, faiths, ideological perspectives and political affiliations.

In all of our work, we aim to bring together leaders and influencers with students and young people, to facilitate an intergenerational exchange of views and mutual learning.

This helps us to:

  • Inspire and connect leaders and people of influence to build networks across sectors and academic disciplines, and to explore practical opportunities for positive social change

  • Support and equip students and young people with the skills and motivation to promote social progress and develop into future leaders and change-makers.

Inclusive environment

We provide an inclusive environment for candid conversations, and encourage people to 'disagree well' by openly exchanging their views, respecting difference, and actively listening to others.

Attendance at some of our events is by invitation only, because physical space is limited and we need to ensure a balanced and diverse representation of backgrounds and perspectives.

This diversity is important for enhancing the quality of dialogue and debate, but we warmly welcome all enquiries about attending.

International student conference delegates in a break-out session at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park

Informing public opinion and policy action

We commission freelance Research Associates to carry out cross-sector and interdisciplinary research ahead of our conferences, to inform our discussions.

Key learning points and recommendations from these conferences are then critiqued and refined at evening Consultations held at Cumberland Lodge, involving conference representatives and a range of other people with significant experience in the field.

This process informs our final Cumberland Lodge Report, which presents fresh insights into best practice and practical recommendations for positive change. We present these reports directly to policymakers, parliamentarians, and other senior leaders and influencers in Westminster.

We also share our research, reports, and other audio-visual resources with the general public, through our Reports & Publications webpages, as well as through the national media, in our e-newsletters, and on social media.

Leaders and influencers at a Cumberland Lodge conference