Andrew Copson has been Chief Executive of Humanists UK since 2009, having previously been its Director of Education and Public Affairs. He is also the current President of Humanists International.

He has represented the humanist movement extensively on national television and radio, as well as writing for a number of national newspapers. He is the author of The Little Book of Humanism (2020) with Alice Roberts, of Secularism: a very short introduction (Oxford University Press, 2019), and edited The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Humanism (2015) with A C Grayling.

Andrew served for many years as a director and trustee of the Religious Education Council, the Values Education Council, and the National Council for Faiths and Beliefs in Further Education, and the European Humanist Federation.

Andrew has advised on humanism for a range of public bodies such as the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Authority, the Department for Education, the BBC, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Home Office, and the Office for National Statistics.