Anna is a second-year student at the Department of Physics, University of Oxford. Anna’s PhD focuses on exploring loss mechanisms in organic solar cells. By fabricating and testing different types of organic solar cells, investigating the effect of micro-structure and materials composition on the overall performance, her research aims to improve the efficiency of economically-friendly silicon solar cells.

Outside of her academic work, Anna’s passion to apply science and technology for the betterment of society sparked her interest in social entrepreneurship. With a group of Oxford University students from diverse backgrounds, she has competed in, and won, multiple innovation competitions focussed on creating technologies to solve societal problems. In May 2018, she and her colleagues won the UK finals of the “Act in Space” competition, sponsored by the European Space Agency; by designing an application to increase street-safety by using crime statistics and satellite images to find the safest way home. In the same month, through the Oxford Foundry’s A.I. Impact Weekend, they also created an A.I.-based software to educate children about fake news. Technology may not be able to solve every problem; but through discussions at the Cumberland Lodge, she hopes to learn when and how technology can promote social progress, and when it is unsuited.

Cumberland Lodge Scholar, 2019-21