Brandon Relph is one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and a world leading youth specialist, working with Fortune 100 companies and government bodies to expand their knowledge of Generation Z.

Brandon was formally the youngest CEO in the UK.  At the age of 13, Brandon turned his love for the video game Minecraft into a job, expanding to a team of 35. This team operated in 13 different countries, spanning every continent in the world.

Since the end of 2017, Brandon exited the gaming space and focused on building a new brand and starting university at the age of 17. In early 2019 he launched his new endeavour ‘Internet Ready’ which provides a focus for his team to bring together their youth centred services. Brandon is currently CEO and Founder.

Brandon is an advisory board member of ThinkNation – an established youth-focused events company. He is also the co-host of The Z-X Spectrum, alongside Lizzie Hodgson where they take an intergenerational view of the world, bringing on some exciting guests from different backgrounds and in different industries.

He also works closely with the charity Young Enterprise to assist children of all ages with gaining the knowledge they need to go into business.

Brandon regularly speaks at events around the globe.