Dareen's primary research focus has been in investigating the experiences, opinions and views of Syrian academic faculty members in current or previous leadership roles. Her work explores female leadership in higher education, in an effort to understand barriers that obstruct female academics from progressing in their careers, and to understand the enablers that have helped those who hold successful executive leadership roles.  

She is currently working on a project, with a group of female PhD researchers at the University of Sheffield, that aims to support women in academia.

Prior to starting her doctoral research in the UK, Dareen worked as a lecturer and teacher trainer at various Syrian universities, in the public and private sectors. Her roles have included:

  • Co-ordinating the English programme at Syrian Private University (SPU)
  • Training and supervising new English teachers in universities and language centres. 
  • Delivering ESP (English for Specific Purposes) English courses for university students in different faculties 
  • Helping students with their research skills, by conducting mini cultural and social research studies.

Dareen has published two papers on motivating students during times of crisis and helping them to overcome some of the learning difficulties that can result from the experience of war.

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2020-22