Dr Eva Selenko was appointed in 2018 as a freelance Research Associate to support our 'Working Identities' project.

A psychologist by background, Eva is a Senior Lecturer in Work Psychology at Loughborough University, where she focuses on the interplay between work and people’s identity in her research.

If work is a part of who we are, what happens to that part of our selves if work becomes insecure, lost, difficult to get, or simply not that meaningful?  As Eva can show in a number of studies, not knowing who you are and having a confused or threatened sense of self can have pervasive consequences for how people feel, behave, plan and think – in relation to work and also the wider social context. Identity has important self-referential function and upsetting this inner compass can have far reaching effects. 

Eva describes herself as a passionate researcher, eager to develop new ways of thinking about societally relevant issues.

Prior to joining Loughborough, Eva was a lecturer at the Institute of Work Psychology at the University of Sheffield, and at the University of Linz, Austria, where she also gained her ‘Habilitation’. She completed her doctorate (cum laude) at the University of Graz, Austria, following an MSc at the University of Groningen (NL) and also spent time as a visiting researcher at Griffith University, Australia.

Eva has published widely and also acts as associate editor for the oldest work psychological journal, Applied Psychology: An International Review.

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