Dr Joanie Willett is a Senior Lecturer in Politics with the University of Exeter, and is co-director of the Institute of Cornish Studies. 

Joanie’s research and publications focuses on resilient communities. In particular she examines rural, peripheral regions and considers how to make them more socially, politically, economically and environmentally sustainable.   Much of her research has been conducted in the Southwest of the UK and she is interested in the ways that governance, communities, and businesses connect together in rural environments. More recently this has led her to consider questions around transportation and communication and how we can best make use of the talents that we have in our regions. 

Joanie has published work on devolution and political decentralisation; participatory government and Parish Councils; Brexit and economic development; and the impact of how rural regions are perceived. She has contributed to reports by a number of Parliamentary committees, including the House of Lords Select Committee on the Rural Economy, and the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee on Devolution and Exiting the EU. 

She is currently writing a book about rural economies and society drawing on work in Cornwall and the Southwest, and the Southwest of Virginia, USA.