Dr Robert McLean has been commissioned to support our 2019 Police Conference on Understanding & Policing Gangs, as our freelance Research Associate. 

Robert’s research, broadly speaking, is concerned with serious and organised criminal activity, gang/group processes and offending behaviour, criminal desistance, and offender rehabilitation. He has worked extensively with career criminals involved in organised crime and drug supply networks throughout the UK, but more specifically Scotland.

Robert's latest research explores the links between firearm distribution, homicide rates, and the organisation of both indigenous and ethnic criminal groups. 

Before joining Northumbria University's criminal justice team, Robert was a Lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland since 2015. In this position, he taught, and carried out research, across a number of disciplines including criminal justice, education, social policy, and sociology. This role coincided with the completing a PhD on 'Gang Organisation as a Means for Gang Business’.

Cumberland Lodge publications

Understanding and Policing Gangs - Conference Briefing (June 2019)

Understanding and Policing Gangs - Cumberland Lodge Report (January 2020)

Research Associate (2018/19)