Our Honorary Life Fellowships are awarded to people who have given distinguished service to the Lodge in various capacities. Current recipients include formers staff, trustees, advisors and supporters.

From 2005          Eleanor Davis

2006 - 2018        Sir Roger Bannister

From 2006          Helen Hudson

From 2006          Walter James

From 2008          Maria Wallis

2011 - 2020        Sir Eric Anderson

From 2011          Lady (Poppy) Anderson

From 2011          Ruth Norton

From 2013          John Pool

From 2014          Rev Canon John Ovendon

From 2015          Anthony Lloyd, Baron Lloyd of Berwick

From 2016          Dr Hilary Richards

From 2016          Rev Canon Richard Burridge

From 2016          Dr Alastair Niven

From 2016          Helen Niven