Jessica is first-year PhD student at School of Arts and Digital Industries, University of East London, exploring the potential for a populism that encompasses both grassroots participation and global agonism and transversality.

A participatory art practice constitutes Jessica’s methodology, which is partly drawn from a notion of ‘embodied criticality’, which argues that meaningful research is cognisant of place and engages with circumstance. The foremost theme across these two spheres is the notion of participation, and the extent to which ‘ordinary people’ can shape and challenge the status quo.

Jessica’s professional background is in education, working initially for Imperial College London, and now for the Sutton Trust, responsible for establishing an alumni network. Her remit covers strategy, evaluation, partnerships, communications, volunteering, events, governance, and line-management.

She also has a strong history of voluntary work, including workshop facilitation as part of the ICA’s Radical Education Forum and AntiUniversity Now; participatory projects with the Barbican and the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations in Marseille; volunteering with the Woman’s Hall in Bethnal Green as part of the suffragette commemorations; and a collaborative flyer/viral campaign in the lead-up to the 2017 election.

Cumberland Lodge Scholar, 2019-21