Linamaria is in her first year of PhD study at Edge Hill University, Lancashire. Her PhD is looking at antimicrobial resistance, in that it is becoming a global threat to public health and the lack of new antibiotics to tackle the most urgent needs is exacerbating it.

Her research aims to investigate the potential for production of novel antibiotics of three bacterial strains isolated in a poorly explored habitat in Colombia. The approach of this project will consider the study of their genomes as well as the use of different genetic techniques and tools to harness the metabolic power of these bacteria for the arms race against antimicrobial resistance. 

Linamaria became actively engaged in working with communities during her undergraduate degree in Colombia. In 2014, she volunteered in art workshops for children from a deprived area in Bogotá, and in the following year she joined a non-profit organization in the construction process of transitional houses in urban slums in the same city.

Since arriving in the UK, she has been involved as with the non-profit organization, Parkrun, who organise free, weekly runs in multiple locations across the world. After being drawn to the sense of community and support Parkrun offers to people through the events, she now volunteers her time encouraging participants to persevere and focus on improving their running ability.


Cumberland Lodge Scholar, 2019-21