Based in the Centre for Memory, Narratives and History at the University of Brighton, Martha`s research combines approaches from memory studies, cultural history, life history and the practice of peacebuilding, to evaluate the role of oral history as a peacebuilding tool in Northern Ireland and broader global contexts.

With a focus on conflict resolution and reconciliation, Martha’s research engages with debates related to dealing with the past at a local, regional and transnational level. In particular, it involves the critical exploration of the Dúchas Oral History Archive, situated in Falls Community Council, West Belfast, to acknowledge and deal with a conflicted history of The Troubles.

Martha has engaged with community relations work in and around West Belfast, and continues to be interested in State policy and practice. Before starting her PhD, she worked as a History teacher, and she is particularly interested in the pedagogical use of oral history as a democratic medium.

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2020-22