Martina Y. Feilzer is Professor in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Bangor University. Her research focuses on public perceptions of criminal justice at local, national, and European level; the relationship between the media and public opinion of criminal justice; questions of legitimacy, trust in justice and penal policy; and comparative and historical criminal justice research.

Martina is Co-Director of WISERD (Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research and Data) at Bangor and Co-Director of the Welsh Centre for Crime and Social Justice. She is currently developing a research programme on the experiences of police officers going through periods of transition after regime change or past injustices.

Martina started her career as a Research Officer at the University of Oxford and joined Bangor University in 2007 as a lecturer. Over her time as a researcher at Oxford and Bangor, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in empirical research in the field of criminal justice and has worked on policy relevant research in relation to youth justice, probation, parole, and policing. She works with both quantitative and qualitative research methods and prefers a mixed methods approach to research.

Most recently, she has worked in collaboration with North Wales Police to develop police degree programmes under the College of Policing PEQF framework. 


Research Associate (2019/20)
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