Matthew is a first-year student at the School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lincoln. The focus of his PhD study looks at how the Prevent stragety impacts young 16-to-21-year-old British Muslims’ level of self-worth. Another part of this PhD study will assess whether an individual’s level of self-worth can be a contributory factor to the radicalisation process. The main focus of this PhD will explore whether Prevent can actually undermine a person's level of self-worth and whether this indirectly or directly contributes to a person(s) becoming more susceptible to radicalised beliefs/values.  

While studying for my undergraduate degree, Matthew set-up and chaired an entrepreneurial society that gave students the opportunity to create their own businesses; this led to a number of students receiving grants for their business ideas including people from disadvantaged backgrounds. These grants helped transform the lives of the society’s members and also the lives of their respective communities. 12 years on from graduating university, the work he initially started is still going strong.

More recently, he has trained and qualified as a counsellor, working with a wide range of clients, and helping them through difficult stages in their lives. He also volunteers at a local hospice, and a regional rape and sexual abuse centre, and has taught English as a Foreign Language in South-East Asia.

Cumberland Lodge Scholar, 2019-21