Nour Nashed is a 28-years old pharmacology graduate from the University of Aleppo, Syria in 2018. From a young age, she has been working towards her dream of becoming a professor in the pharmaceutical field. The disruption in Syria did not distract her focus and only made her more determined. Through the Council for At Risk Academics, Nour enrolled at the University of Sussex in 2020. She is studying a PhD in pharmaceuticals centred around the use of 3D printing for oral dosages, alongside working as a demonstrator in the School of Life Sciences at the university.

During her MSc in pharmaceutical quality control at the University of Aleppo, Nour worked at Ebla Private University as a teaching assistant within the practical fields of two undergraduate subjects: pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical quality control. She supervised the students work closely, setting and marking examinations and assisting students with assignments. Through this academic experience, she developed her presentation, communication, leadership, writing and research skills.

Nour has also worked as a community pharmacist in a local Aleppo pharmacy for two years, assessing patients’ conditions and making decisions about which medicines they should take. This part time job helped her to keep her knowledge in pharmacology up to date and continued to put her communication and business management skills into practice.

Outside the pharmaceutical field, Nour is interested in history, philosophy, social science and psychology. She enjoys reading and discussing these topics with others who share the same interest.

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2021-2023