Following 20 years in a university, with multiple roles as a social research and evaluation practitioner, teacher and trainer, Georgie has experience and understanding of different research environments. She joined the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in 2016. Her previous experience includes a range of project and programme research and evaluation projects with health, social care and mental health services as well as co-Director of Project Oracle which saw her closely involved in youth sector policy and practice related to supporting organisations in the demand (funders/commissioners) and supply (providers) of evidence of what works or doesn’t to improve outcomes for children and young people in London. Georgie is Professor Emerita of Social Research and Evaluation at London Metropolitan University where she developed and delivered an MSc in social research and evaluation and directed an MRes for students from all disciplines already enrolled or considering a PhD. Her teaching primarily focused on social research methodology as well as, in the social sector, community based and participatory approaches; and evaluation theory and practice. She set up the research ethics approval process for LondonMet and delivered training for staff and students while chair of a Faculty and then university Research Ethics Review Panel. Georgie is an experienced consultant, currently developing an impact evidence framework with Cancer Research UK and from 2018, leading on the development and delivery of evaluation capacity building with the British Council. Georgie has enjoyed opportunities to supervise and examine many PhDs!