Rebecca Sentance is the Press Lead and London Branch Leader for Pirate Party UK. She first became interested in Pirate politics after helping to crowdfund the documentary The Pirate Bay: Away From Keyboard in 2010 and learning about the Pirate Party movement, and became involved with the London branch of the Pirate Party UK as a volunteer just ahead of the 2015 General Election.

Since then, she has taken an increasingly active role in campaigning for and raising awareness of Pirate policies and digital democracy in London and online, authoring articles for The London Student and OpenDemocracy and helping to manage the Pirate Party UK's social media presence.

A journalist by day, she regularly writes about topics like data privacy, digital transformation and emerging technology and their impact on businesses. She is also a passionate advocate for transformative works and volunteers for the international non-profit The Organization for Transformative Works. She can be found on Twitter as @rainbowbex.