Remona is a journalist and broadcaster with a focus on faith, lifestyle and identity. She writes for The Guardian and other media outlets on anything from Ramadan to rock music. She is a regular Pause for Thought contributor for BBC Radio 2 on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, previously the Chris Evans Breakfast Show. She is a presenter on BBC Radio 4’s Something Understood, which explores spiritual themes across different faiths and traditions using music, prose and poetry.

Remona was the deputy editor of emel, a vibrant and glossy British Muslim lifestyle magazine which was the first of its kind to launch nationwide. Since going freelance in 2009, she became the Director of Communications for Exploring Islam Foundation, which specialises in dynamic PR campaigns and resources on Islam and Muslims across media platforms. Remona project managed two major media campaigns: the first was ‘Inspired by Muhammad’, a poster-led initiative placed around London transport featuring British Muslims inspired by universal Islamic teachings. The second campaign, ‘Missing Pages’ highlighted untold stories of solidarity between Muslims and Jews, with a main focus on the Albanian Muslims who sheltered Jews from the Nazis in World War II. 

Remona is also an editor, a podcast presenter for various platforms, and is on an ongoing quest to write a book (will it ever happen).