Sarah is studying for a PhD at Durham University’s School of Government and International Affairs, funded by an ESRC +3.5 studentship awarded through the NINEDTP. Her thesis will examine the dynamics driving and mitigating peace in the Middle East by conducting a comparative study of recent attempts by third parties to mediate the conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Palestine-Israel. Sarah’s research will be guided by the insights of the social constructivist school of International Relations and, therefore, she will focus in particular on the role played by state and national identities in peacebuilding processes. Her other research interests include the intertwined topics of human rights, citizenship and minority populations.

Prior to her PhD, Sarah gained three years’ professional experience in international development, managing grants programmes for the British Council’s Education and Society Department, and working for cultural NGOs and a consultancy firm in Nablus, Palestine. She was awarded a First Class BA in Music from the University of Oxford and an MA with Distinction in International Studies from Durham University. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys choral singing and learning new languages.

Cumberland Lodge Scholar, 2018-20