Delegates at a Cumberland Lodge roundtable conference

Cumberland Lodge is a charity that empowers people to tackle the causes and effects of social division and to promote social progress. We challenge silo thinking and enable people to engage in constructive dialogue and debate in an inclusive environment. 

Since our establishment in 1947, in the aftermath of World War II, we have been working with people of all backgrounds, ages and perspectives to help build more peaceful, open and inclusive societies.

Our founder Amy Buller, the pioneering author of Darkness over Germany, envisioned a place where people would 'examine the fundamental assumptions' behind complex challenges facing society, and that remains at the heart of what we do. 

We bring together leaders and influencers, students, academics and community practitioners, to exchange views and think creatively about how best to tackle pressing social and ethical issues, in order to influence policy and improve public awareness and understanding.

We made this short video in 2016 to explain more about our work:

Annual series

We host an annual series of roundtable conferences, panel debates, workshops and retreats.

Creative insights and recommendations from our residential conferences are critiqued through expert consultations and policy-focused seminars, and shared with policymakers and the wider public.

We are also developing a new, international leadership seminar on leadership, civil society and the future of democracy, for senior leaders from business, government, civil society, the arts and academia. Our well-established Visiting Fellowship scheme actively involves high-profile public figures in our work, as ambassadors and independent advisors.

Find out about the current annual series on our homepage. Full details of our forthcoming conferences and events can be found here.

Educational programme

Meanwhile, we have been providing transformative experiences for students and young people for more than 70 years. Our thriving educational programme supports students of all ages, from local school children, to PhD students and early career postdoctoral researchers from all around the world.

We offer workshops in schools and colleges, intergenerational events for families, and study retreatsbursariesscholarships and mentoring opportunities for students at university, including international students currently based in the UK.

These are all designed to equip and inspire students with the skills and experience they will need to tackle social divisions and work towards social progress, both now and in the future.

Since 2017 we have also been supporting vulnerable international students through a partnership with Cara, the Council for At-Risk Academics charity.

Find out more about our work with students here.

Delegate at a Cumberland Lodge seminar

Community outreach

As part of our charitable mission, we also offer free, cultural and educational events to engage with the wider community, including Cumberland Conversations, literary events run in partnership with the Windsor Festival, reflective retreats, guided tours, art exhibitions and public lectures.

Find out about all our forthcoming public events here.

Social impact

Our 70th Anniversary Impact Report 2017-18 and our Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ending 31 August 2017 can be downloaded from this webpage, along with our Accessibility Statement.

Our 2017-18 Impact Report will be published in Spring 2019, highlighting the impact of our charitable work over the last 12 months, including our Freedom series of events.

Supporting our charitable work

To help fund our work, we make our facilities available for individuals and organisations to hire for residential or non-residential conferences, meetings and special events.

Find out more about hiring our facilities here, and about how you can support our charitable work here.

You can also download our Friends of Cumberland Lodge brochure from this webpage.