The Crown Estate manages the Windsor Estate that surrounds Cumberland Lodge, encompassing about 15,800 acres. Its role is to combine progressive commercial management with careful stewardship of the land.

Cumberland Lodge and the Crown Estate work closely together, and the Crown Estate hold regular meetings on site. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked closely with them to co-ordinate food parcels and ready-meals for elderly and vulnerable people living across the Great Park and surrounding areas.

Windsor Great Park welcomes almost five million visitors every year, placing it among the UK’s top visitor attractions. It spans approximately 4500 acres and includes the award winning Savill and Valley Gardens, Virginia Water, the tree-lined Long Walk and stunning Savill visitor centre, as well as sweeping parkland, ancient woodland and forest trails.

Windsor is also a working estate and includes commercial forestry, a portfolio of residential and commercial property, as well as golf courses, Ascot race course, and let farms. It is also a popular location for commercial filming projects.