Inclusion & Opportunity logo for Cumberland Lodge 2019-20 series

In autumn 2019, we launched a 12-month series of multi-sector conferences, panel debates and interdisciplinary retreats, on the theme of 'Inclusion & Opportunity'.

Debates over Brexit, immigration, religious co-existence and the ‘four nations’ had highlighted an urgent need for more inclusive visions and blueprints for the future of the UK.

This series responded by exploring ways of ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to contribute positively to our collective future. We examined the roles that different groups and agents can play, regardless of backgrounds or perspectives.

The series hashtag on Twitter and LinkedIn was #CLinclusion

Events in the series

The series brochure can be downloaded from this webpage.

The following events made up the Inclusion & Opportunity series, alongside our 2019-20 Emerging International Leaders programme on Freedom of Religion or Belief and webinar mini-series launched in summer 2020 in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Challenges for Democracy in the Digital Age

Panel debate at Goodenough College, London

7 November 2019

Digital Inclusion: Bridging Divides

Cross-sector conference at Cumberland Lodge

14-15 November 2019

Commonwealth Futures: Youth Perspectives

Commonwealth Youth Forum at Cumberland Lodge

1-3 December 2019

Commonwealth & International Student Christmas

Student conference at Cumberland Lodge

18-20 December 2019

Resilient Communities [WENT ONLINE]

Cross-sector conference

27-28 February 2020

Towards Justice: Law Enforcement & Reconciliation [POSTPONED UNTIL JUNE 2021]

Cumberland Lodge Police Conference

19-21 June 2020

Religion & The Media: Opportunities, Inclusions, Exclusions [CANCELLED]

Media & Public Culture Forum at Cumberland Lodge

3-5 July 2020

Life Beyond the PhD 2020 [CANCELLED]

Student conference at Cumberland Lodge

15-19 August 2020

Faith & Belief 2040: Fostering Social Cohesion [DELAYED / WENT ONLINE]

Cross-sector conference

9-10 November 2020


Several of the events in this series were cancelled or postponed, or else taken online to become virtual discussions, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.