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Delegates at 'The Politics of (Post) Truth' colloquium at Cumberland Lodge in 2018
An account of our student-led 2018 Colloquium, by Cumberland Lodge Scholar, Sarah Clowry, a PhD student at the University of Durham
Published Date: 
20 Dec 2018
The Politics of (Post) Truth - 2018 Colloquium
An account of our 2018 colloquium, by Cumberland Lodge Scholar, Alex Blower
Published Date: 
16 Oct 2018
The Politics of (Post) Truth - Colloquium 2018
A resource pack shared with delegates ahead of our October 2018 Colloquium
Published Date: 
23 Sep 2018
Social Cohesion in Times of Uncertainty
Members of our 2017 Cumberland Colloquium report on their September conference
Published Date: 
6 Oct 2017
Social Cohesion Colloquium
A resource pack published ahead of our September 2017 Colloquium on 'Social Cohesion in Times of Uncertainty'
Published Date: 
18 Aug 2017
Double-helix DNA made up of people - digital image to represent the Population Ethics conference held at Cumberland Lodge in 2016
Cumberland Lodge scholar, Michael Veale, reports on the Cumberland Colloquium on Population Ethics, held at Cumberland Lodge on 26 September 2016
Published Date: 
20 Oct 2016
Population and Ethics
An overview of the 'Population Ethics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Birth and Death' colloquium at Cumberland Lodge on 26 September 2016, by Simon Beard, member of the Cumberland Colloquia committee 2016
Published Date: 
26 Sep 2016
Moving Beyond
Claire Agius reports on the Cumberland Colloquium
Published Date: 
6 Jul 2015