Cumberland Lodge has been creating a safe space for constructive dialogue on the most pressing policing and criminal justice matters, since 1981.
Conference delegates at Cumberland Lodge

Guided by our Police Steering Committee of police leaders and serving police officers we run a renowned Police Conference each year. It brings together a multi-agency delegation of senior police officers, NGO leaders, lawyers, academics and senior civil servants, to tackle a key issue at the forefront of the police agenda.

Our involvement in this arena goes back to the earliest days of the foundation, with meetings on policing matters having taken place here since the 1950s.

During the long history of the annual conference we have dealt with topics ranging from surveillance to drug abuse, multiculturalism, and relationships with the media.

Our guest speakers have included Government representatives, senior policymakers and All-Party Parliamentary Group chairs, prominent senior serving officers, NGO leaders, Police and Crime Commissioners, academics, MPs and cabinet ministers.

We commission a freelance research associate to support each conference with independent research to fully brief participants. Key findings and recommendations that emerge from the conference discussions are then further reviewed and refined at a consultation involving a small but diverse spectrum of conference representatives and further specialists, before being published in a final report.

Steering committee

Our current Police Steering Committee members are:

  • Chief Constable Robert Beckley QPM - Lead on 'Operation Resolve' (Hillsborough investigation)
  • Detective Chief Inspector Paula Bickerdike - West Yorkshire Police
  • Mary Calam - Non-Executive Director, National Crime Agency
  • Chief Constable Mike Cunningham, CEO, College of Policing
  • Jane Furniss CBE - Non-Executive Board Member, National Crime Agency
  • PCC David Lloyd - Police and Crime Commissioner, Hertfordshire
  • Dr Rick Muir - Director, Police Foundation
  • Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney QPM - NPCC lead for Local Policing (Chair) 
  • Assistant Chief Constable Kerrin Wilson QPM - Lincolnshire Constabulary

Outputs and resources

Conference briefings, reports, and digital resources such as podcasts, presentation slides, and keynote recordings can be found on the Read, Watch, Listen section of this site.