In 2020, Cumberland Lodge is launching two new annual forums: the Media & Public Culture Forum, and the British-German Democracy Forum.
Conference participants in conversation at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park

Our residential forums follow a similar model to our cross-sector conferences, but they are held annually, to deepen our networks and expertise around themes that are closely related to our history and heritage, and our ethos as a charity.

The role of future leaders and change-makers plays a central role in our programmes, and we strongly encourage the participation of students and young people.

Our Media & Public Culture Forum and British-German Democracy Forum take place at Cumberland Lodge, in Windsor Great Park, over three days.

Conversations will be held under the Chatham House Rule, to encourage open dialogue and debate. However, we do ask guest speakers to waive this rule for their presentations, where possible, to allow us to share them with a wider public audience.

British-German Democracy Forum

The British-German Democracy Forum launches in summer 2020, in partnership with the Goethe-Institut.

It will bring together young people from across the United Kingdom and Germany, including students, influencers, artists and cultural producers, politicians, representatives of civil society initiatives, community organisers, writers, intellectuals, and inspiring public figures.

Each forum will explore a different aspect of democratic life and its impacts on both countries, to facilitate an open exchange of views and creative thinking about pressing issues that affect us all.

In this way, we hope to build powerful new networks, strengthen shared understandings, and empower young people to promote progress towards more peaceful, open and inclusive societies, in Germany, the UK, and around the world.

This forum is inspired by our history and heritage. It combines the interests of our founder, Amy Buller - in social transformations, active and critical citizenship, and the future of democracy - with our ongoing commitment to building bridges and increasing understanding between Germany and the United Kingdom. 

The inaugural British-German Democracy Forum, in September 2020, explores 'Colonialism & Difficult History'.

In both Britain and Germany, the colonial past and other difficult histories - and their relevance for contemporary politics, society and culture - have become matters of intense debate. We will examine what these debates reveal about best practice in engaging with problematic pasts and their legacies, and how democratic societies can confront difficult histories constructively.

Media & Public Culture Forum

Our Media & Public Culture Forum launches in 2021. Once a year, we will be examining the roles and responsibilities of the British media and innovative forms of public culture, around major social transformations and ethical challenges facing society.

Each forum will focus on a specific aspect of social change each year, to help facilitate an open exchange of views and sharing of ideas and best practice across sectors.

We will convene leaders and practitioners from the media and public culture, alongside students and academics working in relevant fields, and civil society representatives.