In September 2021, Cumberland Lodge is hosting a cross-cultural conference of academics and cultural leaders, convened by Lord (Stephen) Green, to explore a paper first circulated by Lord Green in December 2020, on connections and relations between the world's major metaphysical traditions in an increasingly intercultural world.

Increased global connectivity necessitates increased cultural interaction, which can be fruitful but also carries risks - and there is evidence that geopolitical tensions are rising as a result. This increased connectivity across diverse cultures creates both the need and the opportunity for mutual understanding, through shared learning and understanding about the deep commonalities in human life experience. These commonalities find expression particularly in the prolonged search, widespread in all of the world’s great living cultures, for answers to fundamental metaphysical questions. 

There are some striking differences in the ways these questions have been understood and addressed, and these have already been explored in a series of video discussions convened online by Lord Green in 2021. The first face-to-face meetings on this theme take place at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park on 13-14 September 2021. Background reading for the four main sessions is available below, and conference resources from the conference will be shared here in due course. Contributors are invited to share relevant materials for this project area via the conference leads.

Conference documents

Background reading for each of the four conference sessions will be shared here shortly.

Textual comparisons

Common metaphysical themes

Apophatic themes and approaches

Pre-modern oral traditions

Further reading