Tufyal Choudhury is a British lawyer and lecturer in international human rights law at Durham University. He joined Durham Law School in 2000 and his research focuses on counterterrorism, radicalisation, racial and religious discrimination, and integration. 

His relevant publications include ‘British by Dissent: British Muslim responses to jihadi narratives of identity and belonging’ in J. Deol and Z. Kazmi eds., Contextualising Jihadi Thought, (Hurst and Co., 2011), The Impact of Counter Terrorism Measures on Muslim Communities in Britain, (EHRC, 2011); ‘The Terrorism Act 2006: Discouraging Terrorism’ in I. Hare and J. Weinstein (eds.) Extreme Speech and Democracy, (Oxford University Press, 2009) and Muslim Identity Politics and Radicalisation (DCLG, 2007).

Tufyal is of Bangladeshi descent. He is a Senior Associate of the Canadian Terrorism, Security and Society Research Network and a member of the UK Foreign Office External Review Panel. He was also a member of the EU Network of Experts on Violent Radicalisation and the UK Home Office Preventing Violent Extremism Together Working Group.  

Tufyal was a senior policy advisor to the Open Society Foundations where he supported the development of their research and policy advocacy in relation to their work in Muslims and Somali in Europe as well as their work on Europe’s White working class. He is author of their report 'At Home in Europe - Muslims in Europe: an overview of 11 EU cities'.   He is a graduate of the Universities of London (School of Oriental and African Studies, 1996) and Cambridge (Hughes Hall, 1998) and was called to the Bar as a member of Inner Temple (1997). He was a research associate at the Cambridge University Centre for Public Law (1998-2000) the Oxford Centre Migration Policy and Society (2006-08).

He is also a trustee of the Muslim Youth Helpline and the Democratic Audit. 

A copy of the presentation he gave to the Cumberland Lodge Annual Police Conference on 'A Divided Society? Challenges for Policing' in April 2016 can be downloaded in PDF from this webpage.

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15 April, 2016