An independent briefing document prepared to guide and inform intergenerational discussions at our virtual conference, Climate Futures: Youth Perspectives, taking place in March 2021.

This briefing was published in January 2021 and written by William Finnegan, our freelance Research Associate for this project, a documentary filmmaker and a doctoral student at the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute.

It provides an overview of current research and thinking about climate change, a history of climate legislation and activism, and climate change education. It also examines theories of new economics and future careers, and explores climate adaptation initiatives and climate-related anxiety and human resilience.

Digital copies

You can read the briefing document on-screen here, or download a copy in PDF below.


Find out more

You can find out more about Bill's work here, and find out how to get involved with our Climate Futures: Youth Perspectives conference here.

We are tweeting about this work at #clClimateFutures

Later in 2021, we will be publishing a two-part report with key findings and recommendations from the conference, including an updated version of this briefing document as Part I.

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Published Date
4 February, 2021